**New Dates**

June 27-29, 2024

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In all respects, safety is the dominant consideration for what we do.  As we conduct ourselves during the event we must maintain safety as our primary effort.  If something does not appear to be safe than it is probably not.

  • As the "Pilot in Command" you are accepting responsibility for the aircraft, payload, and all events that occur during the course of the flight. You must always exercise sound judgment and decision-making, recognize and manage risks effectively, and maintain situational awareness.
  • We are flying our aircraft at a fully operational airport in controlled airspace.  Although we have a designated area in which to fly you can expect full scale aircraft operations, at a safe distance, throughout the event.  In the rare and unlikely event of a full scale aircraft emergency it may become necessary to suspend our operations until the emergency is resolved. In all circumstances we must yield to full scale aircraft.
  • A safety briefing will be required for all personnel to approach the flight stations.
  • There are designated areas for starting our engines prior to flight.  It is imperative that we use these starting areas exclusively.  Starting and/or running engines or motors in the pit area is strictly prohibited
  • Should the need arise for you to test run your engine please see the air boss.  A location away from the pilot stations and spectators will be made available for this purpose.
  • Formation and gaggle flights are fun to perform and great to watch.  Again, the air boss is the go to guy for this stuff.  It’s your show.  Let us know what you want to do.
  • There will be six flight stations.  Although a maximum of six aircraft will be permitted to fly simultaneously, exceptions will be made for formations and gaggles.  And, you guessed it, check with the air boss.
  • Trash cans will be located behind the storage tent.  Please pitch in and do your part to keep the place tidy.

Goshen Municipal Airport is a great venue for our airshow and we anticipate having it available for many years to come.  There is no greater demonstration of our appreciation than to conduct ourselves in a safe and responsible fashion.

Site Overview/Procedures

Runway 5/23 - Flight line faces Northwest

Tent locations are for relative position only. The image is not to scale.

Goshen Municipal Airport