1.  Only 2.4 GHz radio systems will be allowed for the event.

2.  AMA validation procedures for Jet pilots and Large Model Aircraft will be required.  Pilots wishing to fly these aircraft must provide the proper documentation at check in.

3.  AMA membership, in good standing, is a requirement to fly during the event.  By submitting your registration you acknowledge and agree that you understand and will comply with the AMA Safety Code and Flying Site Procedures.

4. As the "Pilot in Command" you are accepting responsibility for the aircraft, payload, and all events that occur during the course of the flight. You must always exercise sound judgment and decision-making, recognize and manage risks effectively, and maintain situational awareness.

5.  The RC event shall include military and classic civilian aircraft with a minimum wingspan dimension of 80 inches for monoplanes and 60 inches for bi-planes.  More clearly defined as:

  • Military aircraft can be a reasonable and authentic representation of the full scale plane from any military branch during any era where the aircraft has been placed into service.  Examples include:  P51, FokkerDR1, C-47, BF-109, F4F Wildcats, F-100, and A1 Skyraider, etc.   

  • The civilian equivalent of these military aircraft will also be permitted.  For instance, the DC-3, Super Constellation, and WWII aircraft with Reno type paint schemes such as Dago Red and Rare Bare.  Model aircraft such as the Sig LT4 or the Ugly Stick with military markings will not be permitted.

  • Civilian aircraft to be included are the reasonable and authentic representation of the full scale planes manufactured and in service prior to 1975.  Examples are:  Piper Cub, Tri-Pacer, Cessna 180, Cessna Skyhawk, etc.  Sport jets such as the Kingcat, Kangaroo, and Electras will not be permitted.

The above descriptions are meant as guidelines and are not all inclusive.  The decision as to an aircraft’s acceptability will be the sole judgment of the event organizers.  If you have an aircraft that is not clearly described in the above please contact us for a clarification.

Pilot Registration

​July 13-15, 2023

Register Onsite and

Pay your pilot's fee at check in: $75
Prepaid pilot's fee: $60

Submit your registration for payment options

*Required Field

Goshen Municipal Airport
Mullet's Auto Sales

 **New Dates**

June 27-29, 2024